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Ever heard of Score88 Poker? No? That’s alright. Heard of gambling and betting websites? You must have guessed it by now. Yes, it is a website that hosts online betting and gamble. To be more specific Score88 Poker is a card gambling agent for POKER and CAPSA SUNSUN online. It offers a conglomerate of popular gambling and betting games- Domino, Super10, Omaha, Poker indonesia, Ceme around to name a few. It is also available in various forms and various platforms such as Blackberry, Apple’s app store, android playstore, so that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere, on the go.

Wait!  Are you worrying about its authenticity, or wondering whether it is a fraudulent contract. Keep your worries at bay for Score88 Poker is a legitimate, certified & responsible website and obeys global standards and rules &regulations? Participants below the age of 18 years are not allowed

poker indonesia

The process to register oneself with Score88 Poker is very straight and simple. Here’s how- go to the official Score88 Poker website or paste the link in the URL ( Once you get there, click on the optionlist. On the Score88 Poker website it is by the name Daftar. An interactive window will open where you will be asked to fill up your personal detail, bank’s information and generate passwords. Do note that Score88 Poker does not share any of its user’s credentials with third parties. Just the way it should be kept. There you are. Ready to play and earn? Not only this, the users get promotional offers, discounts, refunds and other attractive offers from time to time.

A quick tour of the game Poker Domino QQ:

QQ is a form of dominos popular in Indonesia.A set of 28dominoes, is usually in the form of small cards, in Indonesia.  They are rejected once a few games have been played, as they start looking worn out.  Each player puts in a fixed amount in the pot, after which three domino cards are dealt to each player.  Once the players have analyzed their cards, they each start placing bets, raise or fold.  Given there is only one bettor during the first round, the game ends at that point itself and the bettor wins the pot.

With that said, gambling and betting should be considered as fun and casual activity, and not a part of gambling. Extra care should be taken that you do not develop it as a habit or the consequences might be heavy to pay. We all know that the probability of winning in each game is not the same. So it is better to play safe. As they say “Better safe than sorry”.