Online poker – Refined card game

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Nowadays, poker is an international game played virtually in every country. Virtual playing refers to online gambling. This game started in the sixteenth century in German as a bluffing game. In 1830, the game was refined and played in various versions of poker. This game was played in homes and later included in casinos with poker rooms. Poker can then be played for pennies and dollars professionally. This game has more luck and even though if the person has an incredibly best skill, then he can be the master of his fate.

Card packs

As we know poker is a card game, it has a standard 52 card pack and sometimes with the addition of two or more jokers. Poker is a one pack game, but in order to speed up the game, casinos are using two packs in poker. Here one pack is dealt with players and other is shuffled and kept for an upcoming deal. While playing with two packs, there is a standard procedure to follow. When the deal is on, the first player shuffles the card and places them to the left.  When the next deal is processed shuffled deck is moved to the next player’s left side. In most of the games, players left opponent cuts the pack instead of the right-hand opponent.


In casinos, it is mandatory to change cards often and the player has the rights to ask for new cards whenever he wishes. Also when a new pack is brought to the player, it has to be unwrapped in full view of the player.

Card values in poker

While poker is played in various forms, a player needs to know the value of poker hands and betting principles. If the player is well-known, then he can play without difficulty in any type of card game. Poker is played with five cards in a hand. Thus various combinations of cards rank from five of the same kind to nothing.

  • Five similar cards – This is the highest hand in the card game where four similar cards with one wild card.
  • Straight flush – This ranks second in the card game. Same suit in sequential order. This is ranked in highest ordered flush.
  • Four similar cards – Next to straight flush is having four similar cards and the fifth can be unmatched.
  • Full house – This is made up three cards of one kind and the other two cards of another kind
  • Flush – Five cards of the same suite in a different order.
  • Straight – Five cards in sequential order with the same suite.
  • Three similar cards – Three cards of the same rank with other two in different rank.
  • Two pairs – This is next to three of a kind. It contains a pair of one rank and another pair of different rank with fifth one unmatched.
  • One pair – This contains one pair of the same ranking with other three left unmatched.
  • No pair – This contains nothing and when more than one player is left with the same then the highest card in hands are rated.

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